Welcome to Color, Inc. and our exciting array of regionally-themed specialty retail concepts!  Every year, Color, Inc. stores continue to experience record sales volume and growth. Existing markets continue to be enlarged. Exciting new markets continue to be added.

The mission at Color is to provide a range of profitable specialty retail solutions in centers and locations with significant “visitor” traffic. Color, Inc. stores very productively celebrate the unique character, background, personality and icons of the city or region in which they are located. The result is an authentic and compelling retail experience!

Color, Inc. concept stores offer a broad cross-section of product categories, from regional gift items to sports collectibles, from packaged local food products to imprinted sportswear and apparel. Many products, offered exclusively in Color, Inc. stores, are designed/sourced using the expertise and input of Color’s retail professionals.

Color continues to open new locations nationwide. Color’s specialty retail concepts now include The Destination, Best Of, Making History, Roster, All Stars, Crabby Jacks and Life In Company Stores.

Color also has several other regionally-themed concepts in constant development.

All of us at Color look forward to many exciting and prosperous years to come!

Al Shameklis

President & Chief Operating Officer